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Sao Paulo is a multi-faceted metropolis. One of the most important business centers of the country, it is also the capital of culture, with a great offer of leisure, entertainment, knowledge and gastronomy.

In addition to museums, cinemas, libraries, cultural centers and theaters, Sao Paulo has a rich and diverse cuisine. The city offers some of the most prestigious bars and restaurants in Latin America, such as Frank Bar, located at the lobby of Maksoud Plaza.

O que fazer em São Paulo - Maksoud

The bustling nightlife is another attraction of Sao Paulo. Democratic and creative, the night life of the city offers options for all tastes and styles. It is the largest LGBT destination in Brazil and one of the most recognized in the world, with one of the largest Pride Parades.

To help you choose what to do during your stay in Sao Paulo, Maksoud Plaza offers a concierge service, as well as a 24-hour Virtual Concierge at our front desk.

Check out the main highlights of the region.
DOM - Maksoud


Acknowledged as the 5th best restaurant of all Latin America nowadays - as per S. Pellegrino World´s 50 Best Restaurants - and having been awarded with 2 Stars by the prestigious Michelin Guide, D.O.M.  is a singular restaurant without meaning to be eloquent. Quite the opposite, its message is syntactic and poignant: step out of a comfort zone and propose a new gastronomic experience, retrieving the most authentic flavours of the Brazilian cuisine from a contemporary standpoint.

DOM  • 11.3088.0761 • Barão de Capanema St., 549 • Cerqueira César

Fogo de Chão - Maksoud

Fogo de Chão

Fogo de Chão is today one of the main names of carvery-style steakhouse in Brazil and undoubtedly the one that mostly achieved world-wide reputation.

When the first Fogo de Chão opened its doors in 1979, no one could have had imagined that the brand would reach so far. This barbecue empire is currently present in 32 locations - nine of which in Brazil and the other 23 in the United States. Having been initially established in Porto Alegre, the brand came to São Paulo in the 80s, with an ever unchangeable proposal of only offering a salads buffet and good beef cuts. Now there are branches in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Salvador, besides the others in the U.S.A.

FOGO DE CHÃO • 11.3062.2223 • Augusta St., 2077 • Cerqueira César

Fogo de Chão - Maksoud
Jun Sakamoto - Maksoud

Jun Sakamoto

Serving original recipes - not leaving aside the flavour, the quality, and the tradition - Jun Sakamoto offers high-quality at his Japanese restaurant located in the Jardins neighbourhood.

On the counter, a group of eight customers per night savour dishes such as tuna tartare with foie gras, niguirizushis with soy sauce, and  oysters scalded with sake sauce. Previous booking is crucial to try out some of “the yammiest sushis of São Paulo” – according to Jun’s guests themselves.

JUN SAKAMOTO • 11.3088.6019 • Lisboa St., 55 • Pinheiros

Dalva e Dito - Maksoud

Dalva e Dito

Located on the corner of Padre João Manuel and Barão de Capanema streets, the Dalva and Dito offers a concept of affective gastronomy. Conceived by Chef Alex Atala, the restaurant is a dream comes true for offering Brazilian cuisine within an international standard, prepared with an improved technique of low temperatures and served in the lounge in a classic brigade de serveurs manner.

The Brazilian calling at Dalva and Dito is explicit in their menu. Dalva and Dito's cuisine sustains Chef Alex Atala's belief in the national ingredients and culture. The cuisine which the Chef baptizes as affective is in the air. “It is the Brazilian ladies’ cuisine, an allusion to our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and mothers-in-law.”

DALVA E DITO • 11.3068.4444 • Padre João Manuel St., 1115 • Jardim Paulista

Dalva e Dito - Maksoud
Veridiana - Maksoud


Established in the heart of the Jardins district, this restaurant boosts an awarded landscape. The grand highlight of this place is the Steinway piano on top of a crystal stage and live music every night.

On the tables spread out in a charming internal garden with a water mirror, you will dine in one of the most pleasant and lush environments in the city.

The wine cellar offers a variety of châteaux, barolos, and brunnellos from old strains, which have been collected during trips to the regions of Piedmont, Tuscany, and others. The menu: handmade pastas and fillings. Amongst some of the best choices there are: Casablanca (goat Dutch cheese with tiny fresh aspasgus, and pinole); Pancetta al mascarpone (mascarpone cheese, Italian pancetta and pinole), and Burrata a Pesto (creamy buffalo mozzarella, typical from Puglia, over diced fresh tomatoes and Genoese pesto sauce).

VERIDIANA • 11.3559.9151 • José Maria Lisboa St., 493 • Jardim Paulista

Famiglia Mancini

Going to the Famiglia Mancini Pizza Restaurant is really something great as the place is eye-sparkling and the food is a delight for guests’ taste buds. Besides the delicious pizzas, the pizzeria offers its guest a cosy and elegant atmosphere. With its large rooms, the pizzeria’s ambience - created by the restaurateur Walter Mancini – blends simplicity and refinement. And of course not failing to mention the wonderful pizzas, which demanded a long period of studies and testing before they were put on the table. The final result was the subtle flavours and the rare balance - all prepared under the command of expert pizzaiolos. The Famiglia Mancini Pizzaria praises for the quality of their pastas - prepared with olive oil  and resulting in a crunchy texture on the outside and soft in the inside.

FAMIGLIA MANCINI • 11.3256.4320 • Avanhandava St., 25 • Bela Vista

Figueira Rubaiyat - Maksoud

Figueira Rubaiyat

Figueira Rubaiyat brings one of the liveliest environments to the city - inspired by the Incas to rescue the primitive cuisine of clay ovens and iron pots and pans.

Chef Francisco Gameleira is the one responsible for selecting the ingredients and for the immaculate elaboration of the dishes. Try delights such as the roasted red snapper, smashed octopus or the marine crate (octopus, scallops, shrimp, squid, and fishes). Besides this, the feijoadas are like they were prepared in the old times, accompanied by the crunchy roasted piglet raised at the Rubayiat Farm.

Figueira Rubaiyat also serves fresh oysters, which come in from Cananéia and Santa Catarina every day. The oysters are served with gravies and are paired with champagne or white wine. Refinement, variety, and flavour!

FIGUEIRA RUBAIYAT • 11.3087.1399 • Haddock Lobo St., 1738 • Jardim Paulista

Bella Paulista - Maksoud

Bella Paulista

Since 2002, the Bella Paulista fascinates locals and visitors of São Paulo city.

Every day thousands of customers visit this bakery that is open 24/7. Bella Paulista gathers mouth-watering delights in one single place. There are 10 sections distributed within a comfortable and functional environment - all to make you feel at home.

From breakfast, lunch, evening tea, and happy hour to dinner and relaxed gatherings with friends until late at night – you can bet on Bella Paulista.

BELLA PAULISTA • Haddock Lobo St., 354 • Cerqueira César

Bella Paulista - Maksoud
Paris 6 - Maksoud

Paris 6

Opened officially on September 26, 2006 by São Paulo native Isaac Azar, Paris 6 has always transcended the gastronomic concept, inspired by the centenary Cafés, Bistrots, and Brasseries from the 6th District of Paris (also known as Paris 6).

Amongst such inspirations: Café de Flore, Brassérie Lipp, and the city’s very first Café Le Procope, established in 1686. Isaac’s idea was very simple yet unusual: to put up a cultural bistrot opened 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, serving delights with no fancy to all kinds of public. Nowadays Paris 6 serves over 100,000 customers every month.

Paris 6 • 11 3085-1595 • Haddock Lobo St., 1240 • Cerqueira César

The Blue Pub - Maksoud

The Blue Pub

The Blue Pub has opened its doors In January 2008 aiming to be a place of integration, where Brazilians and foreigners could feel at ease but mainly at home. All around the counters, customers from all over the world get together for tasting beers from more than 10 different countries. There are more than 50 labels amongst beers and draft beers besides 23 types of whiskies and several brands of vodka, rum, gin, and others. To pair with the drinks, a menu blending Brazilian ingredients with very different spices. To spend time: snooker games and live broadcast of national and international soccer, rugby and, NBA.

THE BLUE PUB • 11.3284.8338 / 11.2609.8233 • Alameda Ribeirão Preto St., 384 • Bela Vista

The Blue Pub - Maksoud
Bar Brahma - Maksoud

Bar Brahma

Bar Brahma is a tourist highlight in the city. Its many lounges preserve the spirit of antique São Paulo - with beige walls, mirrors, and dark wooden furniture lightened up by the glow of crystal chandeliers. In the main lounge, a small stage also pays respect to earlier times by regularly presenting old performers such as Cauby Peixoto, Originais do Samba, and Demônios da Garoa.

When it comes to sipping a quality beer (Brahma brand, of course), many prefer the porch covered by a retractable sunblind, which overlooks the iconic corner of Ipiranga and São João avenues. The menu is a compendium of good recipes - two of which are explicit reference to other icons of the downtown area: the picanha (sirloin cap) balls inspired by Bar Léo and the ham sandwich from Estadão.

BAR BRAHMA • 11.3224.1250 • São João Ave., 677 • Downtown

MASP -Maksoud


The Arts Museum of São Paulo was founded in 1947 by the entrepreneur and patron of the arts, Assis Chateaubriand (1892-1968) to become the first modern museum in the country.

The most important collection of European art in the Southern Hemisphere at present, the  MASP collection brings together more than 10,000 works, including paintings, sculptures, objects, photographs, videos, and clothing from different times, comprising European, African, Asian, and American productions.

An assorted, comprehensive, and multicultural Museum, with a mission to establish dialogues - in a critical and creative manner - between past and present, cultures and territories based on visual arts.

MASP • 11.32515.644 • Paulista Ave., 1578 • Bela Vista

MASP -Maksoud
MAM - Maksoud


The Modern Art Museum of São Paulo - founded in 1948 – owns a collection of  over 5,000 art works produced by the most important names of modern and contemporary art, mainly of the Brazilian art. The collection as well as the exhibitions grant privilege to experimentalism, opening up to a multiplicity of world artistic production and a diversity of interests of contemporary societies.

This museum offers a wide range of activities such as courses, seminars, lectures, and others. Contents of the exhibitions and of the activities are accessible for all publics by means of audio guides, video guides, and translation into Brazilian signs language.

MUSEU DE ARTE MODERNA • 11.5085.1300 • Ibirapuera Park

Museu do Futebol - Maksoud

Soccer Museum

More than sports, the Soccer Museum is, above all, a museum of the history of the Brazilian people. A museum surrounded by the mysteries of the euphoria we all feel for the ball, the dribble, the kick, and the goal. Feel the enchantment of how an English sport - of white and elite - gradually gained new traits: it became Brazilian, popular, mixed-races, and one of the most popular cultural manifestations in our country.

Visiting the Soccer Museum is to tour around Brazil in the 20th century and to see how our uses, customs, and behaviour cannot be deviated from the orbit of this sport. Soccer has the spell that makes us realize the valuable aspects of history. This time capsule is assembled in one of the most beautiful Brazilian stadiums, the Paulo Machado de Carvalho Municipal Stadium - better known as the Pacaembu Stadium.

SOCCER MUSEUM • 11.3664.3848 • Charles Miller Square • Pacaembu

Museu do Futebol - Maksoud
Parque do Ibirapuera - Maksoud

Ibirapuera Park

Ibirapuera Park is the most important metropolitan park in São Paulo. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer this park was inaugurated on August 21, 1954 to celebrate the city's fourth centenary. In 2017, it was the most visited park in Latin America - approximately 14 million visitors - and it is one of the most photographed places in the world.

In the park there are several attractions for the public, such as guided hikes and bird-watching activities. More than gardens and landscapes of flowers and trees, the park offers sculptures, museums, and historical monuments. There are also fitness equipment, sports courts, playground, kiosks, bike path, and a planetarium. For its luxuriant vegetation, sportive and cultural richness, in 2015 the Ibirapuera Park was elected one of the "best parks on the planet" by the British newspaper The Guardian.

IBIRAPUERA PARK • 11.5574.5045 • Pedro Álvares Cabral Ave. • Vila Mariana

Parque Trianon - Maksoud

Trianon Park

The Tenente Siqueira Campos Park, better-known as Parque Trianon or Parque do Trianon, was inaugurated on April 3, 1892 - one year after the opening of the Avenida Paulista. The Park was designed by French landscaper Paul Villon and inaugurated by Englishman Barry Parker. The Park was named after the Trianon Club that closed down in 1953 - it used to be in front of the park, where the São Paulo Museum of Art is today.

The park offers playgrounds, exercise equipment, and the "Trilha do Fauno".  The name given to this trail was due to the sculpture "Fauno" of artist Victor Brecheret and the sculpture "Aretuza" of artist Francisco Leopoldo.

TRIANON PARK • 11. 3289.2160 • Peixoto Gomide St., 949

Parque Trianon - Maksoud
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