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Long before customer experience was a business trend, Maksoud Plaza stood out for its perfect service and great care with the guest. From our founding in 1979 to the present day, our team offers memorable moments to all who enter our lobby. That is why we acknowledge the importance of our human capital. We strive for a barrier-free organizational culture based on mutual respect and incentive to creativity, where transparency is a strategic foundation.

Our executives are inspired by the most modern management practices of successful companies, always looking for simplicity and innovation. We invest in our talents because we believe everyone is an essential part of the company engine. Our team is, by all means, our brand. Only with everyone's motivation we will be able to deliver new experiences to all our customers with the high standard that is a characteristic of Maksoud.

Today, the #maklover team gathers around the revolutionary idea that we are not (just) a hotel, working in synergy to serve as best as possible.

Quem Somos - Maksoud
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
Ours is a big mission; this is why we are obstinate to triumph as a company as well as individuals. We believe that only through hard work, determination, commitment and passion will we win. Today's success does not guarantee tomorrow's;
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
Our clients have had unique moments with us, and we hope they continue to have fun experiences with family and friends, as well as great professional achievements;
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
We are passionate about humanized and confident service, which is Maksoud's trademark;
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
Our clients’ feedback is our compass. We are commited to serve and want our stakeholders to stay with us for life;
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
We do not trade our reputation, our ethics, and our values. The interests of the business are above individual interests. We do not accept or believe in shortcuts as a way to achieve goals, and we watch over the assets of the business;
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
Simplicity, efficiency, and best practices unite the team; we value respect, open communication, truth and candor;
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
Meritocracy is our guide. Opportunities are equal to all, and those who stand out are rewarded;
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
Personal and collective development make us competitive and, therefore, we investment in our talents. Each one of us is a fundamental part of Maksoud's gear;
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
We do not negotiate the safety of our clients and associates;
Valores e Princípios - Maksoud
We respect our history and our legacy; thereupon, we are never satisfied with the status quo. Innovation is an integral part of this process and we constantly seek improvement opportunities. We do not see obstacles that cannot be overcome.

The concern and responsibility for the future of the planet are part of Maksoud Plaza's history. Over four decades since its inauguration, the Hotel has implemented several actions for sustainability and environmental preservation, including...

Sustentabilidade - Maksoud
To reduce power consumption, we have about 250 square meters of glass skylight, responsible for the daytime lighting of the lobby. The same skylight blocks ultraviolet rays, decreasing heat and air conditioning use.
Sustentabilidade - Maksoud
The hotel has a 1,000 square meters of preserved Atlantic Forest.
Sustentabilidade - Maksoud
All rooms have customer-oriented communication regarding the change of bedclothes, proposing a reflection on the rational use of natural resources.
Sustentabilidade - Maksoud
We carry out the selective collection of paper, metals and cooking oil, which are sent for recycling.
Sustentabilidade - Maksoud
Even before legislation on the subject had been passed, Maksoud Plaza had already in place a ban on the use of plastic straws.
Henry Maksoud Neto - Presidente Maksoud Plaza
"We all work and learn together on a daily basis. I like to say that I would never know how to make a room like a chambermaid. It is this spirit of humility, of acknowledging the efforts of others, that we have brought to light in recent years. The fruits are visible and should prove even more fruitful in the years to come."

Henry Maksoud Neto has a degree in Economics from Universidade Mackenzie (Brazil, 2001), an Executive MBA from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (Brazil, 2005) with extension from the University of New Mexico (USA, 2003), and a graduate degree in Revenue Management from Cornell University (USA, 2010). He attended the Owner/President Management Program from Harvard Business School (USA, 2018), the Accounting and Finance Program from Wharton School (USA, 2018), and the Executive Program from Singularity University (USA, 2017). He joined Maksoud Plaza Hotel at the age of 16, in 1991, as a kitchen hand. In 1997 and 1998, he worked as an assistant at Merrill Lynch Bank. Back at the hotel, he was Assistant Controller from 1998, and Operations Director from 2002. In 2014, Henry took over the presidency of Maksoud and the Hidroservice Engineering group.

Patricia Garcia Marton - Diretora de Operações Maksoud Plaza
Patricia Garcia Marton
Diretora de Operações
Salvio Jose Luiz - Diretor Financeiro Maksoud Plaza
Salvio José Luiz
Diretor Financeiro
Antonio Magalhães - Diretora de Operações Maksoud Plaza
Antonio Magalhães
Gerente de Compras/Infraestrutura
Cely Dantas Ribeiro - Governanta Executiva Maksoud Plaza
Cely Dantas Ribeiro
Governanta Executiva
Daniel Lopes Correa - Gerente de Recepção Maksoud Plaza
Daniel Lopes Correa
Gerente de Recepção
Antônia Mota - Gerente de Alimentos e Bebidas
Antônia Mota
Gerente de Alimentos e Bebidas
José Aparecido da Silva - Contador Maksoud Plaza
José Aparecido da Silva
Bruno Guimarães - Diretor de Vendas e Marketing
Bruno Guimarães
Diretor de Vendas e Marketing
Ricardo B. de Oliveira - Gerente de Manutenção Maksoud Plaza
Ricardo B. de Oliveira
Gerente de Manutenção
Juliana Feltrin  - Gerente de Vendas Maksoud Plaza
Juliana Feltrin
Gerente de Vendas
Valdir Barros - Gerente Jurídico Maksoud Plaza
Valdir Barros
Gerente Jurídico
Luis - Maksoud Plaza
“I clearly remember how, the first time I visited Maksoud, I was delighted with the structure of the lobby. When I started working here, I was able to see how my colleagues made the guest feel comfortable as at home, which for me is something like no other. Since then, my goal has been to accomplish the same - not to let the guest forget the experience of staying with us. It is a pleasure to work here!”

Luis Eduardo Casimiro
Stephanie Sztancsik - Maksoud Plaza
"At Maksoud, we are a team that works together to provide the best experience for our clients. This is a place where managers care about the well-being of employees, who can present their ideas and grow with the company. It's great to be part of a diverse team that respects itself and has a common goal."

Stephanie Sztancsik
Bruno - Maksoud Plaza
"I had always heard of Maksoud as one of the best hotels in São Paulo, but it was only after I started working at the company that I was able to understand why it has been solid in the market for so many years. Here we are treated with equality and respect, from the most humble employee to our president, which translates into excellence in service to guests.”

Leticia - Maksoud Plaza
"It is priceless to work in a place where the mission and values are taken seriously. Maksoud Plaza is for me a place where both the guest and the employee feel welcomed. Here, hospitality is for everyone. I am very proud to be part of the history of this icon of São Paulo."

Leticia Valentim
From its founding, Maksoud Plaza has been known to be a school hotel. We have succeeded in establishing working conditions that differ from the competition, with above-average wages and an ecosystem that values each employee's commitment. We offer professional development, trainings, internal relocation possibilities, and an employee recognition program, among other benefits.
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