About Us

We are a committed and experienced team, motivated and inspired by the legacy of the founder of the hotel, Henry Maksoud, a bold visionary, advocate of the ideals of individual freedom. 

We work for the continuance of his dream of building a hotel to be your home, and so that everyone who entered here also felt as though they were at home. 

We are part of the city’s history, during 37 years of excellence in the art of serving. Our mission is captivating: to enchant customers! 

Our hotel was built in the site where the First Monastery of Benedictine Nuns in the Americas once existed. This beginning was the presage of what would guide our history: to serve with love. 

Our hotel already received princes, diplomats, politicians, rock stars, artists, first-ministers, singers, famous and anonymous, executives, housewives and actresses: here, everyone is welcome with tenderness by the Maksoud team. 

We are proud to be part of the memory of the citizens of São Paulo, whether because they were here to celebrate birthdays, weddings, meetings with friends, or just came for a cup of coffee.  We are thankful to these generous people who include us in their best memories. 

We are going through times in search of modernity, always uniting tradition and technology, without losing our identity. 

Maksoud Plaza is more than a hotel; it is a landmark of tradition and reliability in the city. And so we shall remain for longer, repaying the city that welcomes us with services of supreme quality. 

Our responsibility is enormous: to honor a history and be loyal to a legacy. 

Our trajectory is told in the Timeline, through memories that recall our history, and we want to share them with you!



 1976 –  Maksoud Plaza begins to be built in the site where the 1st Monastery of Benedictine Nuns in the Americas once existed. 

1979 –  Maksoud Plaza is inaugurated and establishes itself as a landmark of glamour and place of influx of personalities of diplomacy and artists from all over the world. 

1980 – Apart from the broad architecture, the hotel outstands for its collection of art works.  We mention the aluminum sculpture by Yutaka Toyota, “Espaço Sideral” (Sidereal Space), which is attached on the roof and extends down to the second floor; and the awarded bas-relief mural by Maria Bonomi, “Arrozais de Benguet” (Rice Fields of Benguet), whose theme are Philippines’ rice fields.  Both works were especially executed to make Maksoud Plaza’s Atrium Lobby even more beautiful. Artists like Tomie Ohtake, Diego Ortega, Manabu Mabe, Wega and Bruno Giorgi also have representative works distributed around the lobby, restaurant and rooms. 

1981 – Singer Frank Sinatra performed four times in the Grande Salão Nobre, with great impact on the media and furore in the city’s social life.

 (Maksoud Plaza was the one and only place where Frank Sinatra performed in São Paulo). 

Sinatra said during the show, pointing to the hotel’s owner, Henry Maksoud, “This is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen in the world.” and continued “All of those who served were absolutely marvellous”. 

1981 – Inauguration of the emblematic 150 Night Club, fashionable jazz and night club, where great names of domestic and international music performed, like Dorival Caymmi, Clara Nunes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Cauby Peixoto, Julio Iglesias, Armando Manzanero, Bobby Short, Steve Ross, Alberta Hunter and various other artists. 

1982 – Mexican singer Armando Manzanero and American singer and pianist Bobby Short performed in 150 Night Club. 

1983/1984 - Blues singer Alberta Hunter performs in 150 Night Club. 

1985 – Singer Steve Ross performs in 150 Night Club. 

1986 – Singer Julio Iglesias performs in 150 Night Club. 

1988 – Albert B. Sabin, Medicine Nobel Prize, stays at the no hotel. 

1989 – Mário Soares, then President of Portugal, stays at Maksoud Plaza. 

1990 – A gastronomic trip by Maksoud Plaza is, at least, tempting, and satisfies the most demanding tastes. Restaurants like La Cuisine du Soleil, conceived and inaugurated by the world’s number two chef at the time, Roger Vergé, and Arlanza Grill, are recognized by the refined ambience and the gourmet cuisine. The Seafood Mezzanino, sea and river food, and Vikings, which serves the legit Smorgasboard. All of the parties and celebrations in town end, invariably, with the breakfast of the famous Brasserie Belavista, open 24 hours. Maksoud Plaza’s restaurants are frequented by artists and celebrities, mainly at dawn, at the end of music performances. 

Maksoud Plaza’s restaurants hold gastronomic festivals, with the presence of famous chefs de cuisine from all over the world:  India, Italy, Thailand, Spain, and Morocco. Brazilian festivals which, apart from gastronomy, present dance attraction, music and handicraft from the States of: Minas Gerais, Amazônia, Bahia, etc. 

 1992 – Princes Ranier and Albert of Monaco stay at Maksoud Plaza.  

1992 – Axl Rose, singer of the band Gun N´Roses, throws a chair at journalists in the hotel’s lobby. 

1994 – The hotel receives the Prime-Minister of England at the time, Margaret Thatcher, and the American singer Ray Charles. 

1996 – Maksoud Plaza lodges icons of international cinema, like Omar Sharif, the eternal Doctor Zhivago, Catherine Deneuve, the French goddess, and the irreverent Pedro Almodóvar. 

1997 – The Events Pavilion receives the event III Ultimate Fighting World Championship, with the presence of the world’s best fighters. 

1998 - Kofi Annan, then Secretary-General of the United Nations, stays at Maksoud.

1998 –Maksoud Plaza Theater presents premières of great cinema releases for exclusive invitees, with the presence of actors and directors, who stay at the hotel. 

1998 – Maksoud Plaza is the protagonist of the program “Brasil Legal”, of Rede Globo, with the TV show hostess Regina Casé.  The monthly program is recorded at the hotel, showing the backstage and interviews with famous guests and employees. 

1999 – Maksoud Plaza serves as scenery for the soap opera “Torre de Babel”, of TV Globo. 

1999 – The “chef du cuisine” of Maksoud Plaza’s Scandinavian restaurant “Vikings”, Steffen Serup, prepared the celebration banquets for the visit of The Queen of Denmark, Magrethe II and of heir Prince Frederik, held in the embassy of Denmark, in Brasilia. 

2000 – Skyline Lounge, space for events with 150m², on the 22nd floor, just below the helipad, with a magnificent city view and ideal for corporate and social cocktails. 

2000 – The President of Italy, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, and actor Anthony Quinn stayed at hotel. 

2003 – The events area is extended and the hotel reinforces its presence in corporate and business tourism. 

2007 – Premieres at Maksoud Plaza Theater the play “Emoções que o tempo não apaga – uma crônica musical”, which remained in play until 2012.

It is a Theater spectacle that tells the hotel’s musical history. 

2010 – Enlargement of the Helipad, with capacity for aircraft of up to 5 tons and an exclusive elevator with direct access to the platform, which allows total accessibility.  The only one homologated in the region. 

2014 – Passing away of the hotel founder, Dr. Henry Maksoud.  Henry Maksoud Neto, his grandson, takes over the administration of the hotel.  Henry Maksoud Neto starts working at the hotel at the age of 15, starts his internship in all of the areas and learns much about hospitality and life, working together with his grandfather. 

2015 – Panam Club is inaugurated on the top of the hotel, just below the helipad, with a 360º view of the city of São Paulo. 

2015 – Frank is inaugurated in the hotel lobby, named after Frank Sinatra.  Elected the best in São Paulo in 2016, and the best list of drinks, by the jury of the “O Melhor de São Paulo” (The Best in São Paulo), of the newspaper Folha de São Paulo guide.  It is famous for the sensational drinks prepared with devotion by the awarded bartender Spencer Jr. and a competent team. 

2015 – The soap opera “Verdades Secretas” (Secret Truths) of Rede Globo is filmed at the hotel. 

2015 – HBO’s miniseries “O Negócio” (The Business) has scenes filmed at Maksoud Plaza. 

2015 – Maksoud Plaza and the Accor chain establish a commercial partnership, by means of which the French chain starts making the hotel available in its worldwide reservation channels. 

2015– Restaurant 150 Maksoud presents a diversified menu and Maksoud’s classics, the favorite dishes of the habitué customers.  The traditional Feijoadíssima Maksoud continues being a success on Saturdays, with live chorinho music. 

2016 – Maksoud Plaza serves as scenario for the soap opera “Haja Coração”, of Rede Globo. 

2016 – The hotel invites plastic artist Felipe Morozini for an art intervention in a suite, creating the habitable installation “Suitedreams2117”, a new lodging experience. 

2016 – Maksoud Plaza diversifies its operations in partnership with shops Básico.com and barber shop Man Lab, both in the lobby, for most convenience to the guests and other habitués of the hotel.


Renowned chefs who have been here and left their delicious flavors

Apart from Roger Vergé, who revolutionized French gastronomy with the movement called “Nouvelle Cuisine”, Maksoud Plaza received the most awarded chefs in the world, who came to show their flavors in the gastronomic festivals. 

Michel Rochedy – Hotel Le Chabichou, France 

Éric Ripert – Le Bernardin, New York 

Jean-Louis Palladin – Watergate Hotel, Washington 

Jean-Pierre Jacob – Restaurant Le Bateau Ivre – Le Bourget-du-Lac, France 

Claude Burnier – Hotel Plaza Athénné, Paris

 Alain Ducasse -  Restaurant Alain Ducasse, Paris

 Giovanni Belu and Gerard Cavalieri, of “Ristoranti Sabatini” in Florence

 Bertrand Vernejoul, of New Yorker hotel The Pierre

 Aimé Barroyer, of Parisian hotel The Ritz

 Enrique Blondet, from Peru

 Antonio José Nunes da Costa, of Hotel Palace in Barcelona

 Sergio Corvi and Marco Ciaccarelli, of Grand Hotel et de Milan

 Panayotis Gritzelis, of Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens