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Restaurants & Bars

First-Class Sophisticated Restaurante Makoud Plaza

Eager to tempt your taste buds with a caipirinha followed by a feijoadíssima? Maksoud Plaza offers a host of restaurants and bar options nearby and nearly all of these establishments specialize in Brazil's most famous food and drinks. Stop in and savor a caipirinha, a traditional Brazilian drink that pairs well with Brazilian and international dining and is usually appreciated prior to a meal. Follow that with a feijoadíssima, the country's national dish. Visit the Gastronomic Center of the Maksoud Plaza at the Atrium Lobby of the hotel and discover some of the Sao Paulo's freshest fare in an array of innovative restaurants and bars, close to glamorous Avenida Paulista.

Café Brasserie Belavista

Featuring Breakfast, Business Lunch, Evening Tea, Salad Bar, and an International Menu. Feijoadissima on Saturdays, and All-Sunday Brunch. 

It is rare to find in the city of São Paulo a restaurant that is open 24 hours. The Café Brasserie Belavista is one of the few. Located in the Atrium Lobby, surrounded by fountains, sculptures and flowers, the place has become famous for offering all sorts of dishes, any time of the day or night. In a casual atmosphere, one can savor dishes from the Brazilian and the international cuisine. Besides the Hotel's guests, the Brasserie Belavista is also visited by outsiders that come to taste the delicacies prepared by the Brasserie's chefs. Among its most famous offerings, features the traditional Afternoon Tea, and the famous Brazilian Feijoadíssima, every Saturday, by the sound of Brazilian popular music.
Open 24 hours.

La Cuisine du Soleil

Regarded as the one of the best Gourmet restaurant in the city.
Refinement is the trade mark of the La Cuisine du Soleil, restaurant where delicacies from the best international cuisine can be tasted. The ideal place for an intimate dinner, in a classical atmosphere and refined ambiance. The sophistication of its culinary is the result of efforts of very talented chefs that create recipes based on international gastronomic tendencies. Thanks to that, La Cuisine du Soleil is able to offer a menu with a great variety of light and creative dishes, as well as a wine list that is considered to be one of the best and most complete available in the city.
Open every day from lunch.

The Patisserie

Serving delicious homemade cakes, pies and mini pastries every day, in both traditional Brazilian and International style, as well as our famous brigadeiro.

The Batidas & Petiscos Bar

The Batidas & Petiscos Bar, and a wide variety of Brazilian cachaças, Brazilian caipirinhas and tropical fruit juices.Also located in the Atrium Lobby of the Maksoud Plaza is the Batidas & Petiscos Bar, a typical Brazilian bar, featuring popular local music, tidbits, Brazilian cachaças, Brazilian caipirinhas, drinks and juices made of tropical fruits. 

The Trianon Piano Bar

Delights guests with a complete selection of local and imported beverages, and a wide variety of more than 50 labels of whisky and brandies. Our bartender can satisfy the most demanding tastes. In a refined and cozy environment of the Maksoud Plaza, features the Trianon Piano Bar, a very famous address in Sao Paulo. It is the perfect place for those who enjoy music, delicious appetizers, creative drinks and a wide array of national and imported beverages. 

The Atrium Lobby Bar

This is one of Sao Paulo's most pleasant and comfortable meeting points. 

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Maksoud Plaza lobby makes the Atrium Lobby Bar one of the best meeting places of the city. It is the perfect environment for businessmen looking for a sophisticated and yet a casual place to be.
Opened 24 hours every day.

The Pool Snack Bar

Located in the Fitness Center, the snack bar is the ideal place to enjoy light snacks and your favorite drinks or fruit juices.

Room Service

For your convenience the Maksoud Plaza Hotel has 24-hour, full menu room service.

The Amaryllis

This pleasant, open-air bar at the entrance of the hotel is the perfect spot to enjoy your favorite drink.

Amaryllis is open from 8 am to 12 am offering fine and creative fast food for those with sparse time, but that enjoy the pleasure of eating well. The menu is diversified, offering draft beer, selection of drinks, wines, hot and cold sandwiches, breakfast, pizza, pasta, the famous onion soup au gratin and the traditional and delicious chicken soup, pastries homemade breads.
The Bar is equipped with a latest generation Oven Gourmet Express which enables the cooking of food up to 10 times faster than in traditional processes. One of the house specialties is the coffee percolator with special instantly milled coffee grains, providing an always fresh coffee, tastier and with exceptional aroma, which can be taken to the office or residence in disposable special thermal cups provided by Amaryllis to its customers.
Amaryllis also offers espresso coffee brewed from a high technology machine, for a wonderful coffee with consistent flavor.
The wines are served in wine glasses, poured from the tap of a special wine server. The bottle of wine remains in the server without contact with oxygen, preserving the wine.
The pizzas are baked in gas oven of cutting-edge technology, allowing for the constant ideal temperature required for the excellent quality and taste of the pizza.

Our Chefs are delighted to prepare your favorites recipes. All restaurants are equipped with Wi-Fi. From 1am to 6am Late-Night Special Menu is available.