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  • Bartender teaches Frank Sinatra's favorite drinks at Maksoud Plaza's bar

    On the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra, the head bartender of the Sao Paulo city Frank Bar, Spencer Jr., teaches two drinks appreciated by the singer. The place, inspired by the artist, was open in 2015 inside the hotel Maksoud Plaza, where Sinatra once performed and stayed when he came to Brazil.

    Youtube video

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    Do lobby à cobertura: a volta por cima

    Revista Go Where Gastronomia publica em sua edição de junho de 2016 reportagem sobre o Maksoud Plaza.

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    Viagens S/A: A história de um grande hotel

    Em sua edição de novembro de 2014, a Revista Viagens S/A publica reportagem sobre os 35 anos do Maksoud Plaza em sua seção Memória. 

    Disponível na Revista Viagens S/A, páginas 10 a 14, em:

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    Azul - Magazine: Sofisticação com Diversão

    Edição de junho de 2016 da Azul Magazine, revista da companhia aérea Azul, traz reportagem sobre o Maksoud Plaza nas páginas 56, 57 e 58. 

    Disponível em:

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    Conselhos: Sob nova geração

    Edição de abril e maio de 2016 da Revista Conselhos da Federação do Comércio de Bens, serviços e Turismo do Estado de São Paulo publica, a partir da página 64, entrevista com Henry Maksoud Neto.

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    Paladar Estadão: A bar (almost) self-sufficient

    Bar Frank is in a kitchen of Maksoud Plaza, 80% of the items you use to prepare their cocktails, including the juice requires 32 kilograms of tomatoes baked a week and had seen the heart of the bloody mary house.

    Text in Portuguese:,um-bar-quase-autossuficiente,10000070206

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    Frank Bar - Elected the best bar in São Paulo

    Frank Bar, located at the hotel lobby, was elected the best bar and the best drinks list of São Paulo by the  jury of the guide "The Best of São Paulo - Restaurants, Bars and Cuisine 2016" of Folha de S. Paulo.

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    Suite Dreams 2117: Felipe Morozini’s Habitable Installation Opens Its Doors At Maksoud Plaza Hotel

    Dedicated To Dreams, The Art Installation Travels The Nine Ambiences Of One Of The Presidential Suites Of The Iconic Hotel in São Paulo

    By invitation of Maksoud Plaza Hotel, the plastic artist and photographer Felipe Morozini created his most recent work: the Suite Dreams 2117.  Inaugurated on June 25 with the unprecedented concept of “Habitable Installation”, the creation changes the connotation of sleeping and proposes a sensory experience that goes beyond sleep and dreams. For such purpose, a suite with nine rooms and 126 m² was used, on the 21st floor of the traditional and iconic hotel in the city of São Paulo, which has always had a strong connection with art.

    Each ambience was re-created and transformed in art without losing the comfort of a presidential suite. Morozini plays with contemporary situations and signs in order to afford the visitor a unique experience of immersion in fantasy, a ludic and unique universe that sharpens up all of the senses. “A Hotel is a place of transition. Dream is a transition between waking up and sleeping. People will dream awake”, says the artist about the project.

    The work – One of the installations’ highlights is the room transformed in a forest, with natural plants, which exhales aromas and sounds of animals and a waterfall. “The forest was placed in the first room, so that people can enter the work through visual poetry”, explains the artist. About the bed of the suite, which preserves the cosiness of the Egyptian cotton bed sheets, a neon sign establishes communication with the guest: “You are a bit of me”. On a table, ten cameras watch the visitor and fragment his body – a questioning about selfies, privacy and each one’s image. Special glasses will also be offered, so that the experience is even more uncommon.

    Among the ambiences, the bathrooms were chosen for chromotherapy experiences. Each one— it’s three altogether – has a specific color: blue, red and pink. “It’s such an experience to live entire colors and work this sensation in a ludic way”, explains Morozini. Among the experiences with colors, a totally white room – from the floor to the ceiling – completes the artist’s palette. Among the white objects in the room, a Polaroid, so that the guest can instantly record and reveal his sensations.

    The main materials used in the installation are the mirror, the neon, and nature. “I use the mirror because it works as a return of the landscapes; the neon as energetic lighting; and nature because I couldn’t fail to use our most precious asset in a project like this”, tells Morozini. According to the artist, the work discusses the memory, the affective charge the ambience has, the understanding that things are not just things, from the moment that the guest arrives in the suite. “I am survivor, a dreamer, I don’t make scenography, I dream of art, I dream about being able to esthetically improve the world”, reflects the artist about his inspiration to the habitable installation.  “It’s beautiful to induce someone to dream”, finalizes him.

    And, as in dreams, the installation also reserves surprise elements for those who want to try the Suíte Dreams 2117.

     Reservations - The reservations for Suíte Dreams 2117 can be made through the email, or by telephone (11) 3145-8000, extension 753. The reservations are open from August, at a daily rate of R$ 800.00, which includes breakfast in the room. Until this date, only those invited will live the experience of dreaming awake in the Suíte Dreams 2117 of Maksoud Plaza Hotel. 

     Photos: Fernando Cavalcanti


    About Felipe Morozini

    Felipe Morozini is a photographer and plastic artist. He develops works that go beyond photography for magazines and creative projects involving brands and social projects. With individual and collective expositions and urban interventions, he is constantly invited to create scenographies of great events like Fashion Week and Lolapalooza.  He has already presented his works in many countries, always represented by Zipper Gallery. He has been carrying out research about public space for over eight years and is presently one of the directors of Associação Parque Minhocão.


    About Maksoud Plaza Hotel

    One of the most traditional addresses of Brazilian hospitality and situated in the main business center of the capital of the state of São Paulo, Maksoud Plaza Hotel is a landmark of services with quality and excellence for over 35 years of operation. Located on the corner of Alameda Campinas and Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, it was built in an area of 12 thousand meters. The hotel has 416 rooms, including 45 suites, as well as five thousand square meters for events, with 38 rooms, which afford versatility and functionality to serve companies. The restaurant 150 Maksoud and Frank Bar offer the best of international gastronomy and cocktail making. Another differential is the helipad, with a capacity of up to five tons, the only hotel homologated in the region of Avenida Paulista. In the last five years, Maksoud Plaza invested about R$ 5 million in the refurbishment and improvement of its facilities.

    Additional Information:

    Analítica Comunicação
    +55 2579-5510

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    Suite Dreams 2117 was the highlight in art program

    Felipe Morozini, the multi-artist was the highlight of the show “Estilo Arte 1” on "Canal Arte 1" where he explained all the details of the artistic decoration applied at Suite Dreams 2117.

    "The hotel room tells the story of everyone who has been there, that is the reason for the lighted billboard “you are part of me”, he says.

    Watch the show and learn more details of Suite Dreams 2117: 

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    Valor Econômico: Maksoud Plaza cresce 19% em 2015

    Jornal Valor Econômico faz reportagem sobre o crescimento de 19% do Maksoud Plaza em 2015.
    Texto publicado em 11 de janeiro de 2016, disponível em:

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    Valor Econômico: Maksoud se junta a Accor para aumentar ocupação

    Leia texto do Jornal Valor Econômico na íntegra no link:

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    Accor inclui Maksoud Plaza (SP) nos canais de venda

    A rede francesa Accor vai disponibilizar o hotel em seus canais de reservas mundial, como o site A parceria permitirá que o Maksoud tenha mais visibilidade no mercado corporativo internacional e que a Accor agregue às vendas mais uma opção de hotel na capital paulista, com localização privilegiada.

    Leia mais em:

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    Revista Exame: Accor e Maksoud Plaza anunciam parceria

    Hotel paulistano passa a ter suas reservas comercializadas nos canais de distribuição da rede francesa.

    Leia mais na Revista Exame:

  • Entrevista com o Presidente do Maksoud Plaza

    Entrevista que Henry Maksoud Neto, presidente do Maksoud Plaza, concedeu a Rachel Cardoso, da Revista Fecomércio.  Ele fala das inovações que está desenvolvendo na administração do hotel e da vivência e experiências que adquiriu com o avô, Henry Maksoud, o fundador do hotel.

    Clique aqui para ver a entrevista completa.

  • Frank Bar was elected the best bar of 2015.

    Frank Bar, located in the hotel lobby, was elected the best bar of 2015 by Época São Paulo magazine, and one of the best places for having drinks in the capital of São Paulo by the renowned American gastronomy review website Eater. Inaugurated on 30 April 2015, the bar is managed by bartender Spencer Amereno Jr., acknowledged as one of the great names in the country, with important awards, among which the Best Barman by the guide “Veja Comer e Beber” for two years (consecutive issues of 2014/2015 and of 2012/2013) and Barman of the Year (2012) by the magazine Revista da Folha.

  • Maksoud Plaza was an important presence in the latest edition of WTM

    Maksoud Plaza was an important presence in the latest edition of WTM – World Travel Market Latin America, which took place from March 29 to 31, 2016, in São Paulo, the main world event for the tourism industry.  Apart from lodging, one of Maksoud Plaza’s main focuses is holding domestic and international corporate events.

  • About Certificate of Excellence

    Each year, TripAdvisor selects the best-evaluated hotels in the world. Of these hotels, only 10% receive its Certificate of Excellence and Maksoud Plaza has been awarded this prize for 2014. While we are proud of this award and the work we did to achieve it, we are even more committed to earning it again in 2015!