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  • Check out some curiosities about Maksoud Plaza on our 37-year anniversary

    1. Hotel Maksoud Plaza is inaugurated on the 2nd of Dezembro, 1979
    2. The hotel has over 400 rooms
    3. Maksoud manufactures the furniture of all of the hotel’s premises
    4. Frank Sinatra performs three shows at the hotel Maksoud Plaza, in his sole visit to São Paulo, in 1981
    5. The emblematic live spectacles house named 150 Night Club, with a capacity for 200 people, was inaugurated in the hotel, in 1981
    6. Dorival Caymmi, Clara Nunes, Nara Leão and Roberto Menescal, Buddy Guy, Etta James, Julio Iglesias, Armando Manzanero and the American pianist Bobby Short performed at 150 Night Club
    7. Alberta Hunter, blues Singer, performed a show at the hotel in 1984
    8. In 1989, the then President of Portugal Mário Soares stayed at Maksoud
    9. Axl Rose, vocalist of the band Guns N´Roses, threw a chair from his suite at a group of fans and journalists during his stay in December 1992 (fortunately, nobody was hurt)
    10. Princes Ranier and Albert of Mônaco stayed at Maksoud in 1992
    11. The hotel received the then Prime Minister of England, Margareth Tatcher, in 1994
    12. Also in 1994, the American singer Ray Charles stayed at Maksoud
    13. Kofi Annan, then Secretary- General of the United nations, stayed at Maksoud in 1998
    14. In 1999, Maksoud Plaza was the scenery of the soap opera ‘Torre de Babel’, of TV Globo
    15. The then President of Italy, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, stayed at Maksoud in 2000
    16. In 2000, the star Anthony Quinn stayed at Maksoud during his visit to Brazil
    17. The hotel’s events area was increased from 3 thousand m² to 5 thousand m², in 2003
    18. In 2007, the play “Emoções que o tempo não apaga – uma crônica musical” was released at the theater Maksoud Plaza, which remained playing until 2012
    19. In 2015, Panam Club was inaugurated, in partnership with businessman Facundo Guerra, on the top of the hotel, with a 360º view of the city of São Paulo
    20. The lobby bar was re-inaugurated under the name of Frank Bar, in honor of Singer Frank Sinatra, in 2015
    21. Maksoud Plaza and the chain Accor signed an unprecedented commercial agreement for worldwide reservations, in 2015
    22. Commanded by bartender Spencer Jr., Frank Bar receives, already in the year of its inauguration, the prize of Best bar in São Paulo, according to the magazine Época (2015)
    23. Newspaper Folha de São Paulo grants Frank Bar the award of Best Drinks Menu and Best Bar in São Paulo (2016)
    24. The special issue of Comer & Beber (Eat & Drink) of Veja magazine elects Spencer Jr. the best bartender in the city of São Paulo (2016)
    25. The drinks list of Frank Bar is elected the best in São Paulo by Veja’s Comer & Beber (2016)
  • Paladar: Este drinque é batido ou é mexido?

    “Coquetelaria não é só juntar umas bebidas e servir, é uma ‘ciência’ que envolve muita técnica”, como explica Spencer Jr., do bar Frank. “Assim como na cozinha, no bar trabalhamos com diferentes texturas, sabores, densidades e aromas”, diz. Todos esses fatores devem ser levados em conta atrás do balcão.,este-drinque-e-batido-ou-e-mexido,10000091786

  • Valor: Hotelaria nacional ajusta planos para 2017

    Redes brasileiras de hotelaria ajustam planos de expansão e modelos de negócios para atravessar a demanda mais fraca no setor de hospedagem no país em um ambiente de recessão e crise política, apontam executivos de duas marcas dessa indústria. 

    Leia em:

  • Mundo S/A: Era digital invade o mercado de hospedagens customizadas

    Empresas e sites se especializaram em atender demandas específicas e customizadas a partir de poucos cliques.

  • The Top 10 Hotels In São Paulo

    The Maksoud Plaza Hotel is located one block away from the famous Av. Paulista, close to the vibrant cultural nucleus of the city, and right in the heart of its financial center.

    The magnificent architectural design elevates the Maksoud as one of the city’s most iconic touristic points, and if you’re traveling to São Paulo on a business trip, this accommodation oozes both style and sophistication.

  • 'Paladar' indica bons bares

    A coquetelaria é a alma do Frank Bar, dentro do Hotel Maksoud Plaza.,paladar-indica-bons-bares-na-regiao-da-paulista,28027

  • Negotiation

    Almost three years after taking up the general management of Maksoud Plaza, in 2014, businessman Henry Maksoud Neto managed to obtain a decrease of 90% in the number of labor lawsuits he inherited with the hotel, founded by his grandfather, Henry Maksoud. There were 400 cases, a number that presently dropped to 40, according to him. "I made deals, talked to the parties. As this kind of procedure takes a very long time, the people involved have interest in settling it quickly”, says Maksoud Neto, who took advantage of the 20% yearly growth in the last two years to make the deals.

    The labor lawsuits inherited were the main problems the businessman had to deal with while professionalizing the management of the space. The building was auctioned in 2011 for the payment of debts of an old building company that belonged to Henry Maksoud, but the result was not effective and the process is being reviewed by TST (Tribunal Superior do Trabalho) since 2015.

    Note by Mônica Bergamo from Folha de Sao Paulo.

  • Folha de SP: paulistanos se hospedam na capital

    O Maksoud, a duas quadras da Paulista, aposta desde 2014 em atrair mais moradores locais. Lá funcionam a balada PanAm e o bar Frank, que ajudaram a ampliar em 20% a ocupação dos quartos.

    "Essas atrações ajudam a trazer um público mais jovem, que ainda não nos conhece", analisa Henry Maksoud Neto, presidente do hotel. "E mesmo quem vem e não se hospeda pode depois pensar em fazer um evento aqui, por exemplo."

    Leia a noticia no jornal Folha de São Paulo

  • Eat & Drink 2016/2017

    Spencer Amereno Jr., back on the podium of bartender title and also won the award for best menu of drinks in town for Frank.

  • Pink October

    Created in the USA in the decade of 1990, the movement Pink October carries out, every year, an intense campaign to prevent breast cancer.

    The involvement in the worldwide movement that aims to directly draw attention to the present reality of breast cancer and the importance of early diagnosis has been increasing every year.

    The initiative works by drawing attention to the theme and spreading information.

    The society’s segments play their role by embellishing with its pink hue, in the most diverse nuances, monuments and historic sites, so as to show us, in a beautiful and feminine fashion, the importance of the fight against the type of cancer that most kills women all over the world.

    Maksoud Plaza’s team is also engaged to the movement, increasing even more the overall involvement in this important campaign of awareness for women.

    The picture was taken at the hotel’s helipad.

  • "The whole strategy is focused on the development of people", explains Mr Henry Maksoud Neto.

    In the last three years, Maksoud Plaza, an icon of hospitality in the city of São Paulo, is carrying out great internal changes. The first one was the search for strategic partners in the market. The enterprise "associated to the best consultancies and companies in order to conduct each step of the transition in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance", says the press release.

    The operational processes were also reviewed, with a focus on cost reduction and efficiency increase. The result was a growth of 20% in the revenue. In 2015,  Maksoud Plaza  signed a strategic agreement of distribution for sales and reservations with AccorHotels, which, as a result, increased the occupancy rate from 50% to 70%, also contributing to the fostering of events.

    "The present moment is of expansion of the company. In view of this, the whole strategy is focused on the development of people", explains Mr Henry Maksoud Neto, responsible for the management of the enterprise.

    The new strategy seeks the development and empowerment of the employees by means of MBAs for the managers and workshops in groups focused in excellence of services through Harvard methodology, as well as technical courses for specific areas and training on modern management practices like design thinking. The goal is fostering great ideas to improve the company by those who best know it: its employees.

    Inspired by companies recognized by high-performance management, such as Ambev, Google and Movile, Mr Henry Neto has been stimulating a rather formal ambience with the spreading of a culture based on simplicity plus efficiency. To the CEO, "it is necessary to simplify the processes and reduce the bureaucracy so that people may work at ease".

    The management model has also reduced the number of labour lawsuits, which has dropped from 400 complaints filed in 2012 to 40 lawsuits in 2016.

  • Maksoud Plaza moderniza gestão com foco no futuro

    Com uma gestão marcada por iniciativas inovadoras e baseada em pessoas, Henry Maksoud Neto pauta a empresa para os próximos dez anos

    Fundado em 1979 por Henry Maksoud e hoje sob a administração da terceira geração da família, o hotel Maksoud Plaza caminha para o crescimento sustentável. Desde que assumiu a empresa em 2014, Henry Maksoud Neto vem colocando em curso diversas iniciativas que tem como pilares principais transparência na gestão, governança corporativa e investimento em pessoas.

    O caminho não é fácil. O primeiro desafio da nova administração foi conduzir a gestão familiar para um modelo de gestão profissionalizada com foco na alta performance. Para isso, nos últimos três anos, a empresa além de promover grandes mudanças internas, buscou parceiros estratégicos no mercado: as melhores consultorias e as melhores empresas para se associar e conduzir cada passo da transição conforme os mais elevados padrões de governança corporativa. Sempre pautados pela ética que norteia o grupo, desde a sua fundação.

    A reestruturação começou no departamento de vendas com o apoio de consultorias estratégicas em vendas. Os processos operacionais também foram revistos com foco em redução de custos e aumento de eficiência. O resultado foi um crescimento de 20% ao ano na receita. Para garantir transparência no processo foi contratada a Taticca, empresa de auditoria contábil independente. Paralelamente, foi chamada a empresa norte-americana de asset management HVS, consultoria na área de gestão hoteleira, cuja missão foi equiparar os números do hotel ao das principais cadeias de hotéis internacionais.

    Em 2015, o Maksoud Plaza firmou um acordo estratégico de distribuição para vendas e reservas online com a AccorHotels, segunda maior rede hoteleira do mundo. Num formato inédito no mundo, a parceria conferiu maior capilaridade ao hotel, e somado aos esforços das equipes do hotel e da política da nova administração, elevou a taxa de ocupação de 50% para 70% e ainda contribuiu para o aumento da ocupação também da área de eventos.

    Investimento no capital humano

    "O momento agora é de expansão da empresa. Com isso, a estratégia está toda direcionada para o desenvolvimento de pessoas", explica Henry Maksoud Neto.

    A nova gestão tem buscado desenvolver e empoderar os colaboradores. Além de MBA para os gerentes, tem sido proporcionados workshops em grupos focados em excelência de serviços através de metodologia de Harvard, cursos técnicos para áreas específicas e treinamentos sobre as mais modernas práticas de gestão como design thinking (abordagem que ajuda na imersão e no entendimento de parâmetros e padrões essenciais para criar projetos de melhor qualidade). O objetivo é fomentar grandes ideias para aprimorar a empresa a partir de quem a conhece melhor: os colaboradores.

    Todo o processo de mudança e aprimoramento na gestão conta com a participação da equipe de alta e média gerência do hotel para garantir a integração e a disseminação de uma nova cultura. Inspirado por empresas de ponta reconhecidas pela gestão de alta performance, como Ambev, Google e Movile, Henry Neto tem estimulado um ambiente mais informal e a disseminação de uma cultura de simplicidade, mas pautada por eficiência. É preciso descomplicar os processos e reduzir a burocracia para que as pessoas trabalhem à vontade.

    O próximo passo será o estabelecimento de um sistema de meritocracia saudável. Para planejar este e outros passos para os próximos dez anos, foi chamada a Sonne, consultoria especializada em branding e planejamento estratégico, que apoiará o hotel na preparação do plano futuro e atualmente faz um trabalho de identificação da cultura a partir de estudo exploratório que entrevistou um terço dos 350 funcionários do hotel.

    O foco da gestão está ainda na redução do passivos do grupo. Um exemplo é a redução de processos trabalhistas, de um total de 400 ações em 2012 reduziu-se para 40 processos atualmente em 2016.

    PanAm, Frank Bar e SuíteDreams2117

    Os projetos futuros incluem a introdução de muitas novas atrações, o que já tem se mostrado uma decisão acertada ao longo da nova gestão. De uma parceira firmada em 2014, com o empresário Facundo Guerra, o Maksoud Plaza passou a abrigar dois dos espaços mais badalados da cidade. Em janeiro de 2015, foi inaugurado na cobertura do hotel, o PanAm. Em abril do mesmo ano, foi a vez dos Frank Bar, que se tornou a maior referência entre os bares de alta coquetelaria da capital paulista.  Na mais recente empreitada para oferecer experiências singulares aos hóspedes, o hotel chamou o artista plástico Felipe Morozini, que concebeu uma instalação habitável em uma das suítes presidenciais do hotel.

    A reestruturação neste sentido ainda deverá incluir outros espaços e serviços como novos bares, restaurantes e até espaços de coworking. E Henry Neto também tem a ideia de expandir as operações do grupo para novos negócios.

  • Away From The Obvious

    The new look of Maksoud Plaza goes by the name of Henry Maksoud Neto. With new strategies and concepts, the 41-year-old businessman wants to resume the golden times of one of the most traditional hotels in São Paulo, founded by his grandfather, Mr Henry Maksoud, who passed away in 2014. “A company in transformation”, as says the President, who seeks to attract a public not used to frequent the sumptuous atrium of the 22-storey building, with a bold architecture.

    To attract the attention of the city’s visitors and of its own residents, a partnership was  established with Mr Facundo Guerra and his group Vegas, resulting in the creation of PanAm Club, about a year and a half ago, situated on the tower’s top floor. “The club brought a lot to the public. It catalyzed directly in the events, hotel and restaurant. Not only for the possibility of the visitor staying at the hotel. But also that he may comment with his friends and acquaintances that he has been here and how good his experience was”, says Mr Henry Neto.

    “We want an increasing number of attractions inside here.” However, this doesn’t mean merely opening the doors for anyone interested. Mr Maksoud Neto makes it clear: “I’m not looking for obvious things”.

    This search for novelties is supported, apart from Vegas, by the consulting of Sonne Branding. “We have one of the best consultancies in the market to help us in decision-making. “We are studying, analyzing everything.”

    Maksoud Plaza’s Operations Manager, Mr Otavio Golin, says how the hotel’s businesses will be done. “We are interested in partners who will aggregate. Not creating as shopping just for a shopping. That it be a mutual partnership of value”, he explains.

    The awarded Frank Bar, inaugurated in 2015, is one of these products. A new point of interest of Maksoud, it is the one attraction of which the businessman is most proud of. “A tremendous success, with a very good yield. It became a very disputed place in town.” In spite of being managed by the hotel, the project was under the attempt look of Mr Facundo Guerra all the time during its creation.

    With an area of five thousand square meters and 38 rooms, another front is holding events. “Strategically, it’s important to us due to our location. We have no competitors for events like we have in hospitality here in the region”, says Mr Henry Neto.

    The Operations Manager projects an increase of 30% in the number of events held in 2016, in comparison with the previous year. A fact that surprised the executive in face of the critical year the country has been through. “We didn’t expect all this. We are having this result because we managed to obtain new businesses, new events”, states Mr Otavio Golin.

  • Bartender teaches Frank Sinatra's favorite drinks at Maksoud Plaza's bar

    On the 100th anniversary of Frank Sinatra, the head bartender of the Sao Paulo city Frank Bar, Spencer Jr., teaches two drinks appreciated by the singer. The place, inspired by the artist, was open in 2015 inside the hotel Maksoud Plaza, where Sinatra once performed and stayed when he came to Brazil.

    Youtube video

  • Category 1

    Do lobby à cobertura: a volta por cima

    Revista Go Where Gastronomia publica em sua edição de junho de 2016 reportagem sobre o Maksoud Plaza.

  • Category 1

    Viagens S/A: A história de um grande hotel

    Em sua edição de novembro de 2014, a Revista Viagens S/A publica reportagem sobre os 35 anos do Maksoud Plaza em sua seção Memória. 

    Disponível na Revista Viagens S/A, páginas 10 a 14, em:

  • Category 1

    Azul - Magazine: Sofisticação com Diversão

    Edição de junho de 2016 da Azul Magazine, revista da companhia aérea Azul, traz reportagem sobre o Maksoud Plaza nas páginas 56, 57 e 58. 

    Disponível em:

  • Category 1

    Conselhos: Sob nova geração

    Edição de abril e maio de 2016 da Revista Conselhos da Federação do Comércio de Bens, serviços e Turismo do Estado de São Paulo publica, a partir da página 64, entrevista com Henry Maksoud Neto.

  • Category 2

    Paladar Estadão: A bar (almost) self-sufficient

    Bar Frank is in a kitchen of Maksoud Plaza, 80% of the items you use to prepare their cocktails, including the juice requires 32 kilograms of tomatoes baked a week and had seen the heart of the bloody mary house.

    Text in Portuguese:,um-bar-quase-autossuficiente,10000070206

  • Category 1

    Frank Bar - Elected the best bar in São Paulo

    Frank Bar, located at the hotel lobby, was elected the best bar and the best drinks list of São Paulo by the  jury of the guide "The Best of São Paulo - Restaurants, Bars and Cuisine 2016" of Folha de S. Paulo.

  • Category 2

    Suite Dreams 2117: Felipe Morozini’s Habitable Installation Opens Its Doors At Maksoud Plaza Hotel

    Dedicated To Dreams, The Art Installation Travels The Nine Ambiences Of One Of The Presidential Suites Of The Iconic Hotel in São Paulo

    By invitation of Maksoud Plaza Hotel, the plastic artist and photographer Felipe Morozini created his most recent work: the Suite Dreams 2117.  Inaugurated on June 25 with the unprecedented concept of “Habitable Installation”, the creation changes the connotation of sleeping and proposes a sensory experience that goes beyond sleep and dreams. For such purpose, a suite with nine rooms and 126 m² was used, on the 21st floor of the traditional and iconic hotel in the city of São Paulo, which has always had a strong connection with art.

    Each ambience was re-created and transformed in art without losing the comfort of a presidential suite. Morozini plays with contemporary situations and signs in order to afford the visitor a unique experience of immersion in fantasy, a ludic and unique universe that sharpens up all of the senses. “A Hotel is a place of transition. Dream is a transition between waking up and sleeping. People will dream awake”, says the artist about the project.

    The work – One of the installations’ highlights is the room transformed in a forest, with natural plants, which exhales aromas and sounds of animals and a waterfall. “The forest was placed in the first room, so that people can enter the work through visual poetry”, explains the artist. About the bed of the suite, which preserves the cosiness of the Egyptian cotton bed sheets, a neon sign establishes communication with the guest: “You are a bit of me”. On a table, ten cameras watch the visitor and fragment his body – a questioning about selfies, privacy and each one’s image. Special glasses will also be offered, so that the experience is even more uncommon.

    Among the ambiences, the bathrooms were chosen for chromotherapy experiences. Each one— it’s three altogether – has a specific color: blue, red and pink. “It’s such an experience to live entire colors and work this sensation in a ludic way”, explains Morozini. Among the experiences with colors, a totally white room – from the floor to the ceiling – completes the artist’s palette. Among the white objects in the room, a Polaroid, so that the guest can instantly record and reveal his sensations.

    The main materials used in the installation are the mirror, the neon, and nature. “I use the mirror because it works as a return of the landscapes; the neon as energetic lighting; and nature because I couldn’t fail to use our most precious asset in a project like this”, tells Morozini. According to the artist, the work discusses the memory, the affective charge the ambience has, the understanding that things are not just things, from the moment that the guest arrives in the suite. “I am survivor, a dreamer, I don’t make scenography, I dream of art, I dream about being able to esthetically improve the world”, reflects the artist about his inspiration to the habitable installation.  “It’s beautiful to induce someone to dream”, finalizes him.

    And, as in dreams, the installation also reserves surprise elements for those who want to try the Suíte Dreams 2117.

     Reservations - The reservations for Suíte Dreams 2117 can be made through the email, or by telephone (11) 3145-8000, extension 753. The reservations are open from August, at a daily rate of R$ 800.00, which includes breakfast in the room. Until this date, only those invited will live the experience of dreaming awake in the Suíte Dreams 2117 of Maksoud Plaza Hotel. 

     Photos: Fernando Cavalcanti


    About Felipe Morozini

    Felipe Morozini is a photographer and plastic artist. He develops works that go beyond photography for magazines and creative projects involving brands and social projects. With individual and collective expositions and urban interventions, he is constantly invited to create scenographies of great events like Fashion Week and Lolapalooza.  He has already presented his works in many countries, always represented by Zipper Gallery. He has been carrying out research about public space for over eight years and is presently one of the directors of Associação Parque Minhocão.


    About Maksoud Plaza Hotel

    One of the most traditional addresses of Brazilian hospitality and situated in the main business center of the capital of the state of São Paulo, Maksoud Plaza Hotel is a landmark of services with quality and excellence for over 35 years of operation. Located on the corner of Alameda Campinas and Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, it was built in an area of 12 thousand meters. The hotel has 416 rooms, including 45 suites, as well as five thousand square meters for events, with 38 rooms, which afford versatility and functionality to serve companies. The restaurant 150 Maksoud and Frank Bar offer the best of international gastronomy and cocktail making. Another differential is the helipad, with a capacity of up to five tons, the only hotel homologated in the region of Avenida Paulista. In the last five years, Maksoud Plaza invested about R$ 5 million in the refurbishment and improvement of its facilities.

    Additional Information:

    Analítica Comunicação
    +55 2579-5510

  • Category 1

    Suite Dreams 2117 was the highlight in art program

    Felipe Morozini, the multi-artist was the highlight of the show “Estilo Arte 1” on "Canal Arte 1" where he explained all the details of the artistic decoration applied at Suite Dreams 2117.

    "The hotel room tells the story of everyone who has been there, that is the reason for the lighted billboard “you are part of me”, he says.

    Watch the show and learn more details of Suite Dreams 2117: 

  • Category 1

    Valor Econômico: Maksoud Plaza cresce 19% em 2015

    Jornal Valor Econômico faz reportagem sobre o crescimento de 19% do Maksoud Plaza em 2015.
    Texto publicado em 11 de janeiro de 2016, disponível em:

  • Category 1

    Valor Econômico: Maksoud se junta a Accor para aumentar ocupação

    Leia texto do Jornal Valor Econômico na íntegra no link:

  • Category 1

    Accor inclui Maksoud Plaza (SP) nos canais de venda

    A rede francesa Accor vai disponibilizar o hotel em seus canais de reservas mundial, como o site A parceria permitirá que o Maksoud tenha mais visibilidade no mercado corporativo internacional e que a Accor agregue às vendas mais uma opção de hotel na capital paulista, com localização privilegiada.

    Leia mais em:

  • Category 1

    Revista Exame: Accor e Maksoud Plaza anunciam parceria

    Hotel paulistano passa a ter suas reservas comercializadas nos canais de distribuição da rede francesa.

    Leia mais na Revista Exame:

  • Entrevista com o Presidente do Maksoud Plaza

    Entrevista que Henry Maksoud Neto, presidente do Maksoud Plaza, concedeu a Rachel Cardoso, da Revista Fecomércio.  Ele fala das inovações que está desenvolvendo na administração do hotel e da vivência e experiências que adquiriu com o avô, Henry Maksoud, o fundador do hotel.

    Clique aqui para ver a entrevista completa.

  • Frank Bar was elected the best bar of 2015.

    Frank Bar, located in the hotel lobby, was elected the best bar of 2015 by Época São Paulo magazine, and one of the best places for having drinks in the capital of São Paulo by the renowned American gastronomy review website Eater. Inaugurated on 30 April 2015, the bar is managed by bartender Spencer Amereno Jr., acknowledged as one of the great names in the country, with important awards, among which the Best Barman by the guide “Veja Comer e Beber” for two years (consecutive issues of 2014/2015 and of 2012/2013) and Barman of the Year (2012) by the magazine Revista da Folha.

  • Maksoud Plaza was an important presence in the latest edition of WTM

    Maksoud Plaza was an important presence in the latest edition of WTM – World Travel Market Latin America, which took place from March 29 to 31, 2016, in São Paulo, the main world event for the tourism industry.  Apart from lodging, one of Maksoud Plaza’s main focuses is holding domestic and international corporate events.

  • About Certificate of Excellence

    Each year, TripAdvisor selects the best-evaluated hotels in the world. Of these hotels, only 10% receive its Certificate of Excellence and Maksoud Plaza has been awarded this prize for 2014. While we are proud of this award and the work we did to achieve it, we are even more committed to earning it again in 2015!